Our Team

ZWS Alexandre Roizman

Alexandre Roizman

Co-Founder – VP Business Development

Vast global investment history including four IPOs in the field of biotech, pharma, and high tech. Among other commitments he has founded and is the CEO of a non profit company with 30 branches and thousands employees. He has top standing references with Israel’s three largest banks.

ZWS Asaph Nebenzal

Asaph Nebenzal, Adv. – BA of Social Sciences. LLB. MBA.

Co-Founder – VP Strategy

An entrepreneur in the field of urban development and real estate. 

Asaph specializes in business development and strategy, especially innovation and the planning and building of unique models of urban development. Asaph is a co-founder of the company and leads its strategy and corporate development.

ZWS Yaniv Ben Zaken

Yaniv Ben Zaken

Co-Founder and Manager Sales and Marketing.

Yaniv has 20 years of experience in managing sales, marketing and operations in the fields of real estate and commercial companies, he has extensive experience in import and export transactions. He is a graduate of export-import and International trade studies at the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce Business College. His current role in the company is Marketing and Sales Manager.